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Mastercam 2019 is coming. Do you know what features have been added?

Time2019/1/14 PostedShenzhen Winshare Precision Technology Co.,Ltd

Mastercam 2019 is coming. Do you know what features have been added?

Mastercam 2019 is finally here! In the new version, a number of powerful features have been added to provide a range of productivity tools for the entire process.

1. Document preparation and tooling settings: Optimize the import and preparation of the model process, fixture settings and support for MBD to save time.


2. Cutting Tools: Added support for 3D tools, further extending support for Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning cutting methods and Accelerated Finishing cutting for taper barrel knives. The aim is to increase processing efficiency and higher productivity.


3. Tool path programming: Optimized 2D/3D and multi-axis machining path, providing powerful drilling function, further enhancement in turning, turning and milling, and support from Swiss machine.


4. Verification and Simulation: Better visual effects, management and visualization tools make toolpath verification and machine simulation more intuitive.


5. File Management: Interface browsing and document management tools and other system-level enhancements enable users to manage documents more efficiently.

The following will give you a detailed introduction.

                                                      Document preparation / tooling settings

Mastercam 2019 reduces work time by optimizing CAD model import support, part preparation, tooling setup, and improved support for MBD.

Added "curved surface editing" function.

Support for modifying surface features by manipulating surface nodes, Iso curves, and surface control points.

cnc turning part

Added "Power Surface" feature

An efficiency tool for repairing, modifying, or creating complex surface graphics.

cnc milling part

Support for entity-based definition comments (MBD)

Support for importing MBD data and saving it as a separate 3D annotation entity in Mastercam.

cnc machining part


Optimize the rendering display 

precision cnc part

cnc lathe part

Optimize the bounding box function

cnc milled parts

Add model alignment

Quickly align the solid model with the machining plane, solid face, and Z axis. Simplify tooling settings.

cnc turned part

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