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ABB Industrial Robots Enter A Major Milestone

Time:2019/7/25 Posted:联系我们果博东方有限公司客服电话19048888886(北京区客服)

The sale of a new IRB 6640 six-axis robot marks a major milestone for ABB, which has long led the development of industrial robots – the 200,000th globally sold since ABB Group entered the field in 1974. Taiwanese robot.

       This "heavyweight" robot was purchased by China's system integrator Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd., "Hua Luo" Changshu Attes Sunshine Power Technology Co., Ltd.'s solar module production workshop.


Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in providing high-end intelligent automation systems in the fields of new energy and photovoltaics. End User Changshu Ats Sunshine Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of solar modules and a leading global supplier of silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar power systems and specialty solar products.

       On March 27, 2012, a special ceremony was held in the new factory of Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd., attended by Ni Side, global head of ABB Robotics, Li Yisheng, chairman of Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yingkou Vice Mayor Liu Huanxin.

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Ni Side delivered a speech at the ceremony: "Nearly half of the world's industrial robots are installed in factories for automobiles and auto parts. But in recent years, industries other than automobiles, such as food, electrical and electronic, and solar energy, wind energy are Within the new energy industry, the installed capacity of robots has risen sharply.

      So, our 200,000th robot 'settled' in China's solar PV module factory is not surprising. There are several factors that drive the popularity of robots in the general manufacturing industry, the most important of which is the stability of robots. High-quality production can increase production efficiency. Moreover, the price of robots is declining. On the one hand, it accelerates the return on investment of enterprises, on the other hand, it can bring employees from boring operations, dangerous and dirty environments or needs. The task of precision operation is liberated, and it is turned into a position with more sense of accomplishment and higher long-term returns."

       Li Yisheng, Chairman of Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd. also said: “ABB's 200,000th robot is a symbol of long-term cooperation between Jinchen and ABB. ABB has always been our strong technical backing. I believe that the cooperation between the two parties will be Continue to deepen and provide more robotic automation solutions for solar manufacturers."

       In 1974, ABB (then named Asea) launched the first all-electric robot IRB 6. Today, ABB has nearly 30 models of robots that can meet the production needs of a wide range of industries, and is supported by powerful system integration capabilities and a global sales and service network in 53 countries.

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