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Haas Automation Forms Partnership to Support CNC Machining Training

Time2017/11/18 PostedShenzhen Winshare Precision Technology Co.,Ltd
Computer numeric control (CNC) machine tool builder Haas Automation has partnered with Lincoln College of Technology (LCT) to train students for CNC Machining careers using Haas equipment at LCT's campus in Grand Prairie, TX.
The partnership marks the first time LCT will launch a CNC training program. The CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology program will train students in fundamentals such as milling and lathing, and advanced concepts including five-axis machining technology and simulated workplace exercises, according to Lincoln Educational Services Corp. (LES), specialist in technical training for students.
The goal of LES is to find new partnerships and programs across the country in order to bridge the skills gap between the workforce and expectations of employers.
"Haas is a leading global provider of CNC machines and tools for more than 30 years," said Paul McGuirk, Grand Prairie executive director. "This agreement between Haas and Lincoln will give us the opportunity to train our students on industry-leading equipment that Haas will provide through a customized purchase agreement including entrustment of two major units, the Haas VF-2SS and the Haas ST-10. The opportunity for hands-on experience using the machines will be invaluable to our students and graduates."
Additional Hass equipment students will be provided with include four TM-1P Toolroom Mills and four TL-1 Toolroom Lathes, a VF-2SS featuring a Trunnion and 5-axis mill, and an ST-10 featuring a live tooling lathe.
"When you step into a modern CNC facility the kind of facility that Haas outfits you'll be surprised to find it's a clean, comfortable, safe working environment," said Shaun McAlmont, CEO of LES. "These aren't the perceived 'factory' jobs of a generation or two ago. Industry leaders like Haas are driving a revolution in the manufacturing industry, and Lincoln is pleased to be able train our students on their equipment."
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