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Laser cutting and 3D printing make unusual home furnishings

Time:2015/9/9 Posted:鼎盛国际-16602090555

Reported by— With the development and progress of modern manufacturing technology, high-end technological changes have penetrated to various industries, even the traditional home living. Below are some innovative domestic outfit made from laser cutting and 3D printing.

Laser cutting floor
Laser cutting technique makes interesting floor. The delicate laser cut triangle is adhered to textile base, creating unique wood and textile carpet. It can make burnt-out effect and natural style floor with downy color. 3D facades can be formed by mosaic.


By the adoption of laser cutting and bright-colored design, the repeating silvery-white latticework cover the plain weave linen base. The exquisite silk satin circles are cut by laser and the purple paper-cutting style cushion shows a bright color-contrast, forming a complex and tactility surface.

Laser cutting screen and wall decor
Laser cuts the interesting pattern and lights of different intensity come in the interior space; the graceful laser cut wood grains allow tiny lights into heavy fabric, creating nice lighting effects and unique design.



Tropical leaves patterns make interesting mirror wall decoration, where delicate birds and trees design is cut in metal, building an effect of puzzle.

Laser cutting decorative lighting
The changeable lampshade is made of two papers by laser cutting, the users can decide whether it is hollowed-out or not, so as to create almost infinite light and shadow shapes.  


The 3D shell shaped lampshade is made of bamboo clappers. The complex cut makes interaction effects between light and shadow. Different lights illuminate  from the laser etched cube, making a complex and distinctive lampshade.

3D lighting



3D printing furniture
As the cost of FDM 3D printer is reduced, the focus of future 3D printing is rapid manufacturing. It is the foundation of its application in furniture industry. All kinds of components can be made by 3D printing.

3D printing furniture

Plywood can be connected by components from different angels, which can form a cabinet or desk.



Laser cutting and 3D printing make complex pattern processing much easier and material saving, which can meet the demands for decoration diversification and individuation.


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